‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Callum Logan Murder Weapon To Be Hidden By Pat Phelan

The Grimshaws are still facing questions from the police.

The Callum Logan murder investigation is set to take another twist in 'Coronation Street' next week, when Pat Phelan involves himself in things.

With Jason Grimshaw currently a prime suspect, Pat decides to do some meddling and removes Tony’s tool bag - which contains the murder weapon - and puts it under the floorboards at the Nazirs’ home.

<strong>Tensions will continue to rise between the Platts and the Grimshaws</strong>
Tensions will continue to rise between the Platts and the Grimshaws
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When Jason returns from a brief break from t’cobbles, and finds the police asking more questions about the late Tony and where his bag is, Jason panics, but a knowing Pat shoots him a look.

However, Pat’s assistance is likely to come at a price, and may well end up costing Jason some of his inheritance money.

<strong>Has the ‘Corrie’ villain managed to save the day?</strong>
Has the ‘Corrie’ villain managed to save the day?
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Conor McIntyre, who plays Pat, says (via Digital Spy): “When Jason tells Phelan about the murder weapon, he thinks: 'This is good news!' Because again it comes down to having that leverage. Information is power to him. And he lays the guilt trip on Jason, that he's got him involved now.

"Phelan moves the tool bag ostensibly as a favour but again, it's leverage. He can keep reminding Jason he owes him.

"Jason is grateful. You would be, wouldn't you? It's a web that Phelan weaves. He's really tricky."

These ‘Coronation Street’ scenes air on Monday 13 June. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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