'Coronation Street' Spoilers: Here's All The Drama That Will Take Place In The First Six Episode Week

There's plenty going on in Weatherfield this month.

Then onwards, there will be two helpings of ‘Corrie’ every Wednesday, with the extra half-hour of action on at 8.30pm.

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And for the inaugural week, there’s no shortage of reasons with to tune in, with three weddings (hopefully...) taking place, and one very exciting arrival.

Here’s all the action to look out for...

Aidan Connor’s affair confession

Guilt finally gets the better of Shayne Ward’s character, when he decides to come clean to Eva Price on the morning of their nuptials. Obviously, he’s totally unaware that she’s actually known for months, choosing to secretly punish him rather than confronting him.

And Maria Connor does turn up...

Ah. Yes. Just as the couple are about to get hitched, Maria makes an interestingly-timed arrival at the wedding. Could she throw one final spanner in the works?

Trouble has been brewing since Eva discovered the affair
Trouble has been brewing since Eva discovered the affair

So will they actually get hitched?

Eva’s waged a secret war on Aidan ever since discovering his indiscretions, so there’s every chance his admission will make her realise he isn’t so bad.

With Aidan clearly desperate to marry her, it looks like Eva could end up a married woman after all.

Johnny and Jenny’s wedding is also taking place

Aidan isn’t the only Connor who could be a married man by the end of the week though, as his dad, Johnny, is also set to tie the knot with Jenny Bradley.

Sadly, as Rita’s health worsens, Jenny will refuse to leave her side, leaving their nuptials in doubt as well.

Michelle Connor makes a shocking discovery

Michelle will visit her ex-boyfriend’s house, where she stumbles upon a drawer full of photos. What could they mean? And is she in serious danger?

Jim Moir’s arrival


Finally, the week will also see the introduction of Jim Moir - who you may know better as Vic Reeves - when his character Colin Callen turns up, as quizmaster of a Mr And Mrs competition that Norris and Mary Cole hold at their own wedding.

That won’t be the end of his storyline though, as there’s a lot more to Colin than meets the eye.

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