‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Tina O’Brien Reveals What Lies Ahead For The Platts Following Body Discovery (EXCLUSIVE)

Will David and Kylie stand by Tina's character?

‘Coronation Street’ fans are set for a blockbuster end to the month, when Carla’s wedding drama and the discovery of Callum Logan’s body take centre stage.

Ahead of the drama, Tina O’Brien has opened up to Huffington Post UK, revealing what lies ahead for her on-screen family, in an exclusive interview.

<strong>Sarah is left rattled by the discovery </strong>
Sarah is left rattled by the discovery
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Callum was killed by Kylie back in September last year, and with David taking the lead, the trio buried the body under Gail’s granny flat.

Now, a top secret turn of events will see it discovered, and Tina admits that her character is probably secretly happy with what happens.

In an interview that can be viewed above, she says: “I think secretly even though it’s horrendous, it’s probably slightly relieving for her.

“I think she’s really not been able to deal with keeping it secret, and she’s got nobody to talk to.”

<strong>Will David's plan to shift the blame work?</strong>
Will David's plan to shift the blame work?
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“She’ll need to find somebody to talk to,” she says of the troubled Sarah. “David and Kylie are quite wrapped up in themselves and their family.

“I’d love to see her turn to her mum because everyone needs their mum. But I think unfortunately, she wouldn’t want to burden Gail with that kind of information.”

Bosses have already revealed that David will then think on his feet and point the finger at builder Jason Grimshaw, which obviously does brilliant things for the Platt vs. Grimshaw family feud.

Meanwhile, there’s the not-so-small matter of Carla and Nick’s wedding. Will Tracey ruin everything for her rival? Watch this space…

Watch Tina's full interview above and catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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