21/04/2017 08:31 BST

Countdown's Rachel Riley Can't Hide Her Smirk As Contestant Gives A Rather Rude Answer

Good on her for managing not to laugh, though.

Rachel Riley was left unable to suppress her smirk during Wednesday’s (19 April) episode of ‘Countdown’, after a contestant offered a rather unfortunate answer during the letters round.

We can’t deny that we’re impressed that they were able to throw out an eight-letter word fairly early on in the game, even if it did mean Rachel having to stand proudly by the word ‘squirter’ without laughing.

Yes, Rachel’s face pretty much said it all as she spelled out the word ‘squirter’ on the ‘Countdown’ board.

She later made fun of the incident on her own Twitter page, sharing a still from the episode along with the caption: “Nothing to see here.”

Rachel also shared the hashtag “#squirters”, urging us all to get our minds out of the gutters, and reminding us that squirters is, indeed, a legitimate word in the English language that we shouldn’t be laughing at.

Nope, nothing funny about the word “squirters” at all.


Of course, as regular ‘Countdown’ fans will know, rude words have been thrown out by contestants left, right and centre lately.

Earlier this year, one memorable episode saw Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent gleefully pronounce “shithead” as a possible answer in one round, while moments later a contestant offered up another giggle-worthy rude answer.

Weeks later, Rachel’s boyfriend and former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ partner Pasha Kovalev joined Susie in Dictionary Corner, and left Rachel rather red-faced as he declared “phallus” as an answer during one round.

Check out some of our favourite rude ‘Countdown’ moments in the gallery below...

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