Woman Declared Love For Person Behind Waterstones' Twitter Account, Now They're Married

'I'm in love with whoever is manning the @WstonesOxfordSt account.'

Back in 2012 Victoria O’Brien tweeted to say she was “in love” with whoever was running the Twitter account for the Waterstones bookshop on Oxford Street.

It was a joke, of course, but a dare and a lot of dates later, Victoria has just married the man behind the account, Jonathan.

Emma Luna Photo

It all started with some Pokemon-related banter, with Jonathan tweeting: “While there are now millions of books, the first 150 were obviously the best. No, wait..that’s Pokemon.”

Other Twitter users replied naming their favourite Pokemon, until Victoria, clearly amused by the thread, said: “Well I’m in love with whoever is manning the @WstonesOxfordSt account. Be still my actual beating heart.”

One of Victoria’s friends dared her to get a date with the “Oxford Street guy” within a week.

She didn’t quite meet the deadline, but after two months they finally met up and the rest, as they say, is history.

On Sunday, Victoria posted a side-by-side image of their wedding next to her original tweet, which has since been favourited more than 21,000 times.

Jonathan and Victoria are not entirely new to the limelight.

Jonathan no longer works at Waterstones and has written a book parodying horoscopes while Victoria went to circus school and has performed all over the world.

Nevertheless, she says they’ve still been “blown away” by the response their wedding has received.

“Despite having had projects with publicity in the past, we’re both quite private and this has been lovely, if not overwhelming,” she told The Huffington Post UK.


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