Courteney Cox Throws It Back To 1984 With Nostalgic TikTok Video

It's like no time has passed.
Courteney Cox in 2023 (left) and 1984 (right)
Courteney Cox in 2023 (left) and 1984 (right)
Angela Weiss/Getty/YouTube

Courteney Cox took us back to where it all started for her when she jumped on a popular TikTok trend.

Over the weekend, the Friends star shared her take on the 80s “mom dancing” trend, initially throwing a few shapes to Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy – although it has to be said she seemed a little unconvinced.

Halfway through the clip, Courteney revisted her genuine 80s moves, replicating her iconic appearance in Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark music video, right down to her t-shirt.

Back in 1984, when she was just starting out in showbiz, Courteney played a fan of The Boss’ in his Dancing In The Dark video, who gets pulled on stage to dance with the music legend.

While the video was partly recorded during a real Springsteen concert, with Courteney and two other young women actually filming more scenes than made the final edit.

“They filmed me and two other girls, buying t-shirts, putting on makeup in the bathroom, it was like a whole little thing like, ‘oh my god I’m so excited for this concert, I can’t wait’, and then we get there and one of us is picked out of the audience,” Courteney told The Off Camera Show in 2021.

“I remember going there and someone said, ‘Bruce is going to pick one of you out of the audience’, and I was [praying] ‘...not me’. I did not want to be the one to go up, I didn’t want to dance in front of 30,000 people!”

On why she was chosen over others who could have danced with Springsteen, Courteney suggested earlier this year it was down to the fact she was “authentically nervous” and “genuinely not a good dancer”.

This isn’t the first time Courteney has used TikTok to revisit some of her old moves, though, recreating the infamous Friends routine with help from a certain famous pal back in 2021.

Watch the Dancing In The Dark music video below:


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