Craig David Launches Tribute Collection With Selfridges In A Stylistic Nod To His Impressive Comeback

The Rewind special.

Selfridges has revealed a new capsule collection in partnership with none-other-than music icon Craig David.

As well as launching online, the Tribute Collection will be in stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester. If you think you can predict what it looks like, you’re probably right: elevated loungewear.

The hoodies, short Ts and long-sleeved T-shirts feature some of David’s most memorable lyrics - “slicker than your average,” anyone? -

As well as typography and imagery that pay homage to his iconic late ’90s rise and impressive recent comeback.

Craig David modelling his new range with Selfridges
Craig David modelling his new range with Selfridges
Craig David x Selfridges x Bravado

The pairing is not as random as you might think, although the link is tenuous. Turns out, the launch goes alongside Selfridges’ Music Matters campaign.

The season runs in-store between 26 June and 18 October, in celebration of how music and style seem to be intrinsically linked.

David has won a slew of awards over the course of his career, including several BRIT awards, and has sold over 15 million albums worldwide.

Craig David x Selfridges x Bravado

So far David’s comeback has been stellar, especially with his latest album reaching number one in the Official Albums Chart last year.

As well as being a staple of the early naughties’ music seen, David’s personal style (and looks) contribute to his overall influence.

So this capsule collection is really not that much of reach.

Craig David x Selfridges x Bravado

Since nothing is valid until twitter erupts, we thought we’d see what was trending and we didn’t have to wait long for the verdict from the world of social media. One tweeter wrote:

“HAPPY MONDAY. Everyone stop what you’re doing and look at Craig’s new collection.”

While another was not convinced:

“Today Craig David x Selfridges launch a UK Garage inspired fashion capsule collection. I’m moving to China, laters.”

Craig David x Selfridges x Bravado

While the graphics would make pretty dope posters, you’d have to be a super fan to sprint to Selfridges and grab one of these.

It would, however, make a great impulse buy, giving your loungewear instant retro street cred.

Craig David x Selfridges x Bravado

The model sporting one of the t-shirts looks cute in her trinity style Craig David cotton T so thumbs up to the team in charge of styling.

Prices range from £40 for a. short-sleeved tee to £95 for the hoodies.

The collection will be available to buy on from Tuesday 8 August.


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