Creating Achievable Fitness Goals And Sticking To It

Have you been thinking of your New Year fitness goals? Have you thought of why you are standing in the same space every year? It is good to dream big but sometimes you need to take it a little slower. Take a look at how you can create achievable fitness goals, how to stick to it and see amazing results as you achieve your New Year fitness goals.

1. Set achievable goals

The first step to success is to look at setting a goal you are able to achieve. You can do a fitness assessment and determine what your goals are going to be based on the results. You also need to take in consideration what your lifestyle is like, how much time can you set aside for exercise that will be realistic.

2. Set interim goals or milestones

Only looking at the main target can sometimes be demotivating. You can have a personal progress management system by setting milestones. Weigh yourself, but also take pictures and measure yourself. Sometimes you see more centimetres lost than weight, which is possible because you are building muscle. Weekly management, for instance, within the next two to three weeks you want to have lost 2kg and be able to do 20 sit-ups. This will make the exercise more motivational and you will be happy if you have even been able to exceed the target.

3. Say NO

To be successful in a fitness routine, you will have to change certain things in your lifestyle. Maybe your company provides cake on birthdays; you will now have to decline this, as it is not part of your routine. Let close friends/family in on your routine to enable them to take you into consideration on such occasions.

4. Take responsibility

It is OK to overstep the boundaries a bit, however, you will need to take responsibility for those actions and know that you will need to hold yourself accountable if you are not able to make your goals. Therefore, you will have to make an agreement with yourself how you are going to compensate every time you cross the line.

5. Work out a routine

It is not easy to get you to your desired weight or fitness level without a plan. Therefore, you will need to have a set routine, which is adjusted according to your progress and milestones. Having a plan and guide makes your New Year fitness goals easier to attain.

6. Be Patient

The worst thing you can do is to jump on the scale every day or two, this is going to put too much pressure on yourself and you are going to be constantly conscious of the fact that you still need to lose this much weight or lose this much body fat, immediately setting yourself up for failure.

7. Support and motivation

It is very challenging to follow through with a plan without the support of your family and friends. The ideal will be to get someone to train with you, alternatively someone that can help you to track your progress.