15 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Are Surprisingly Easy To Pull Off

Because Instagram has to know.

Nowadays, no pregnancy announcement is complete without the obligatory social media post.

Forget friends and family, if your big reveal doesn’t pull in the likes on Instagram, then you’ve missed an opportunity.

But we all understand that your first trimester isn’t exactly when you’re likely to be feeling at your most creative (how can we possibly get on to Pinterest with our head in the toilet?) so here are 17 easy ideas to get you inspired.

1. Balloons

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2. Slogan Tee

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3. Loading Sign

4. Your Other Baby

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5. Baby Bonding

6. Get Fruity

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7. A Bicycle Built For...

8. Put A Pin In It

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9. Family Act

10. Best Foot Forward (1)

11. Best Foot Forward (2)

12. A Promotion

13. His N’ Hers

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14. All Of The Lights

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15. Floral

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