Cadbury Creme Eggs And James Cadbury's Dream Eggs Go Head-To-Head In Taste-Test

Not the best day to wear white trousers.

James Cadbury is going up against his great-great-great grandfather’s ex-chocolate brand this Easter, selling a limited edition range of Dream Eggs.

His brand Love Cocoa has been around for a while now, but our interest was piqued by the arrival of this new product, which is not too dissimilar in name (and size) to a certain Creme Egg.

Priced at £25, the Dream Egg collection features four small eggs served in a cute cardboard egg box and wrapped in tissue – a far cry from the cheap, cheerful, yet much-loved Creme Egg from Cadbury (the brand now owned by Mondelez International).

The speckled Dream Eggs are handmade in London using ethical, sustainable ingredients, and are more reminiscent of giant Mini Eggs when you unwrap them, thanks to their pastel-coloured shells. But once you crack them open, each comes with a double ganache ‘yolk and white’ in one of four flavours – salted caramel, gin, passionfruit or nutty praline.

They’re obviously targeted at adults who want a touch of luxury this bank holiday. But does the flavour live up to the hype (and price)?

We tried both Creme Eggs and Dream Eggs at 10am on a Monday morning to see how well they fared.

Watch our video taste-test to find out.