20/02/2017 11:31 GMT

13 Recipes That Prove Crumpets Are The Kings Of The British Breakfast Table

Bye avo.

The arrival of avocado on sourdough might have been good news for pulling in the Instagram likes, but we feel it has been hogging the brunch limelight for a little too long now.

Now it is time for the revival of the crumpet – the doughy little demi-gods that you drown in so much butter that it leaks through on to the plate and needs mopping up afterwards.

Here are 12 ways to serve crumpets so breakfast is sorted.


1. Plain old butter crumpets. 

2. Homemade crumpets.

3. Jam crumpets.

4. Sourdough crumpets.


5. Triple cheese crumpets. 

6. Honeycomb butter crumpets. 

7. Burnt honey butter crumpets.

8. Maple pecan butter crumpets.

9. Bacon and egg melt crumpets. 

Game Changers

10. Chocolate crumpets. 

11. Gluten-free honey and coconut crumpets.

12. Vegan crumpets.

13. French toast crumpets.