This Is What Happens When You Sneeze While Curling Your Eyelashes


A woman has shared her eyelash curling fail with the world, and the internet came out in full force to show their sympathy.

Because, ow. So much ow.

Reddit user Aub3912 shared the snap below, alongside the caption “I sneezed while curling my eyelashes”.

Thanks to the unavoidable bodily function coming at the wost possible time, a whole chunk of her lashes were torn out by the metal device.

“I really thought i ripped my eyelid in half,” she added in the comments, sharing a photo of the offending eyelash curlers and a better view of the damage (see her snaps in the gallery below).

But every cloud...

Within a day of the images being posted on Tuesday 19 July, more than 2,000 people shared their condolences and reassuring words.

“As a dude, what am I even supposed to be seeing here?,” one user wrote, before adding “I think women overestimate how much we notice them [eyelashes]”.

Others advised the best places to buy false eyelashes (Sephora fyi), and suggested using castor oil to encourage the re-growth.

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