5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week (A Halloween Special)


It’s Friday and boy oh boy are we counting down the hours until that 7pm glass of wine. With Halloween parties kicking off big time this weekend, we’ve decided to chart some of the brilliant costume efforts from our four-legged companions in the latest instalment of animals of the week.

But first, you must watch this (with the sound on, obvs)...


1. A Doggy DeLorean.

This tiny pooch has gone back to the future (geddit?) with this retro DeLorean costume. Pawsome effort, young one.

2. One Confused Species.

Peter Crocker shared a picture of his dog Bear who decided he wanted to be a cat. You almost fooled us there, kid.

3. The Cutest Beanie Baby.

So simple yet oh so effective. This Labradoodle is a dead ringer for a TY teddy.

4. This Majestic Fellow.

Duty calls for Robin.

5. A Petrifying Pineapple.

Very scary indeed. 14/10 would still pet.