5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: Dogs At Polling Stations, Otters And More


The sun is shining, the weekend is finally in sight and we’re about to brighten your day 10-fold. Instead of spending your morning stressing over deadlines or a full inbox, take a two-minute time out to look at five wonderful animals who brought joy to our week.

From the pawsome doggos attending local polling stations to one of the world’s tiniest tortoises born in a Devon zoo, prepare to say ‘aww’.

1. The adorable dogs at polling stations.

Yesterday’s election was clearly overshadowed by man’s best friend. Dogs from across the country turned out in full force to watch their owners cast their votes. This fluffy white canine had an absolute blast - just look at that smile.

2. The cat who couldn’t be arsed to vote.

For every dog turning out to vote, there was a cat having a snooze at home - and we have to respect them for their stickler ways. Tired kitties, you do you.

3. The tiny spider tortoise born at a UK zoo.

This week, Paignton Zoo welcomed one of the world’s smallest and rarest tortoises to its family - and it looks like something straight out of ‘Finding Nemo’. The adorable tortoise hatched from its egg after roughly 180 days of incubation. When asked if it has a name, the zoo’s spokesperson said: “It’s a bit early, and reptile keepers often don’t bother with names.” We’ll call him Steve.

So. tiny.
Paignton Zoo
So. tiny.

4. The five baby otters who had their first health check-up at Chester Zoo.

The quintet of Asian short-clawed otter pups, born 10 weeks ago, were weighed and microchipped by the zoo’s keepers and vets. And LOOK how well-behaved they were. Otterly delightful.

Baby otters are adorable.
Chester Zoo
Baby otters are adorable.

5. The loyal dog who waits at a train station for its owner every day.

From polling stations to train stations, 15-year-old dog Xiongxiong made global news this week for waiting faithfully and patiently, day in day out, for its owner to return from work. No you’re crying.

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