8 Animals Who Are Oblivious To Everything Going On Right Now

Spring has sprung and the animal kingdom is out in full force.

It might feel like we’re living in slightly apocalyptic times, but you wouldn’t know it if you paid attention to any animal right now.

March brings with it warmer weather, budding blossoms and sunnier days – and boy are these guys happy about it.

Whether you’re self-isolating, working from home or just trying to keep your head above water right now, here are some animals whose joy will hopefully bring you happiness and light relief.

1. A paddle of 14 fluffy ducklings followed their mum as they foraged for food along the Kennet & Avon Canal, between Bradford on Avon and Bath.


2. Ball in his mouth and soaking wet, Casper the golden retriever enjoyed a run in the park on a sunny spring day.

Golden retriever enjoys spring sunshine
Sara Spary
Golden retriever enjoys spring sunshine

3. Penguins got to mooch around an empty aquarium where they live and the excitement at seeing all the fish was very real.

4. Dogs have been enjoying the St Patrick Day celebrations – and relevant headgear.

5. Arnie brought his pony and donkey indoors to share an important self-isolation message.

6. Cats have been bringing the self-isolation cattitude. As purr.

7. Completely oblivious to the toilet roll stockpiling sweeping the globe, one cat took to destroying it entirely.

8. Corgi took centre stage and gatecrashed his owner’s online meeting. More of this please.