5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Cats Relentlessly Troll Japanese Art Museum

Happy Friday!

After a week dominated by Brexit news it’s time to forget all your troubles, grab a cup of tea and hear about the wonderful animals of this world. Because if animals can’t lift us up right now, no-one can.

1. Cats Are Doing What Cats Do Best

Word on the street has it that these cats are trying to break into an art museum in Japan, but so far they’re having no such luck. There’s a security guard on hand who has been doing a pretty good job of preventing their entry. But all it takes is one toilet break...

2. The Doggos Catching Treats

Today we are eternally grateful to Vieler Photography for bringing these delightful photos into our lives. Pure. Joy. (You can see the full set here.)

3. These Doggos Need To Talk

The house meeting is in session, whether Steve likes it or not.

4. Three Chicks Walk Into A Bar

Clucking hell. These wee chickens waddled right into The White Lion pub in Wirral and made themselves at home behind the counter. The pub landlord then had to issue an appeal for their owner to come and get them. Wild.

5. The Fiercest Mutt In The Boardroom

Don’t mess with the boss. He hasn’t had lunch yet.