20/10/2017 10:03 BST

Cute Greeting Card Designs You Can Print Yourself

Fun and free homemade cards are the way to go.

JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Have you noticed how expensive shop-bought cards have become? Save money and give your greetings cards that extra-personal touch making your own. Look online and you’ll find cards for every occasion and many are free to download and print out.  

As a taster, we’ve found some of simple cards for those moments in your life when you want to say it with a personalised printed word.

  • 1Congratulations!
    Whether it's a new job, passing an exam or starting a new chapter in their lives, your friends and family will appreciate these bright cards you can personalise with their names before printing out.
  • 2Spooky (but kinda cute) Halloween cards
    Spooky (but kinda cute) Halloween cards
    This template gives you two images to print on one piece of A4 - genius! You can personalise them with image editor before printing or write your message after you've printed. If you're feeling particularly crafty, you can stick on googly eyes to the smiley ghost and hanging spiders (though the extra weight might mean you need to back the paper onto stiffer card). This template comes from the mother ship of free printables,
  • 3Cheerful Christmas cards
    Cheerful Christmas cards
    This site offers a choice of Christmas cards you can print out, ready to be folded in half and a message written inside. Choose from sweetly plump Santas, elegantly restrained Christmas bauble images or (our favourite) a stocking and snowflakes in seasonal red. Best of all, there's no need for time-consuming colouring-in, sticking on cotton wool beards or getting glitter over EVERYTHING. Result!
  • 4Special birthday cards
    Special birthday cards
    This adorable but wise owl card works as a sweet birthday greeting for an adult or child. On the site there's a pick of (you guessed it) printable owl cards for every occasion.
  • 5Cards to say thank you
    Cards to say thank you
    Whatever your reason for saying a big thank you, this card is sure to make the recipient smile.
  • 6Mother's Day cards
    Mother's Day cards
    This site has a stock of printable Mother's Day cards to make your mum feel extra special. They even have helpful Mother's Day poems and quotes to include if you need an inspiration push.
  • 7Spreading the love cards
    Spreading the love cards
    For Valentine's Day, special anniversaries or just because, this card has got the 'aah' factor and is sized perfectly to fit on A4 for a neat fold and message inside.
  • 8Funny birthday cards
    Funny birthday cards
    Inside this free printable card the message reads 'I hope you have exponentially more fun than last year!' - the perfect card for a colleague if you're working in a data-driven, buzzword-bingo job. This site also allows you to add stickers and insert photos.
  • 9Sorry!
    If you've screwed up and wish you can take back those thoughtless words, sending a card (especially a homemade one) with a heartfelt thoughtfully worded message can be the way to calm things down and get your friendship back on an even keel.