Cyclist 'Squirted Water At Uber Taxi Driver, Called Him A C***, Damaged Car Then Hospitalised Him'

'This guy did NOT deserve what happened to him.'
<strong>Roman Road in East London, where the altercation between the cycling at the cabbie took place (file photo)</strong>
Roman Road in East London, where the altercation between the cycling at the cabbie took place (file photo)
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A man has revealed how his commute into work turned into a nightmare taxi ride, after his driver was hospitalised in a road rage fight with a cyclist.

Richard Beech, editor of British Men’s website, described the incredible incident on Twitter that began in the most innocent of circumstances - when he was running late for work.

Beech said the journey began as normal, with cabbie and passenger chatting about football.

But things got more dramatic when a “swarm” of cyclists surrounded the car as it was driving down a busy street in Tower Hamlets, London.

Beech described the agitator who sparked a conflict as “dressed like he’s about to win the fucking Tour de France” and accused him of deliberately “snaking” down the road.

Things escalated when both taxi and bike pulled up to a set of traffic lights, after the driver managed to overtake.

But they soon got worse.

Beech accused the unknown cyclist of smashing off the taxi’s wing-mirror and using his bike to carve a dent in the side of the Uber.

Sparking an immediate altercation.

The taxi driver grabbed his aggressor’s bike to stop him escaping, and the pair began fighting in the middle of the street.

Beech was left to phone the police, and details how the cyclist - “a big city boy type” - had his Uber driver pinned to the ground.

Just as police arrived, Beech claimed, the cyclist escaped, leaving the taxi driver with a dislocated shoulder.

After finally making it into work, Beech revealed an unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

He said after that he did not want to “escalate” the situation with Uber and so would pay the 90-minute fare.

And when asked how many stars he gave the driver, Beech admitted: