Father-To-Be Cycles 125 Miles With His Mates To Create Goat Photo, Before He 'Has A Kid'


A cycling team rode more than 202K

Ben Jones, who’s part of Perth-based amateur cycling team ‘Fight Club’, said he wanted to let his hair down before becoming a father.

“Part of the reason we actually did this now is that my partner is nine months pregnant, she’s due in about four days,” he told ABC news.

“It was something fun to do before I have a kid — geddit?”

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The group planned and tracked their ride via Strava - an app popular among runners and cyclists.

They shared snaps of their progress along the way, along with the hashtag #goatride.

The group clearly enjoyed the ride because they’re currently discussing what animal to complete next.

“There is talk of doing a quokka or a numbat or some other iconic West Australian animal,” Jones said.

He also encouraged other cycling clubs to attempt the goat and compare their times.

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