Back On Track

'Often, overtraining is the most frustrating cause of poor results.'
Workout nutrition is the food you eat either pre (before) or post (after) workout. For the vast majority of gym goers, it’s
Even the biggest fitness fanatics among us struggle to get out of bed during the dark, cold winters. Anything beyond your
Research has shown that training a particular muscle results in increased levels of blood flow and lipolysis in the area (the breakdown of fat cells into energy you can use), however the difference it makes does not warrant it for reasoning to train abs frequently.
Get that phone on aeroplane mode, pronto.
In an ideal world you would enter the gym with your set program, you would then swan around the gym switching from dumbbells to racks to machines, get all sweaty, leave and continue with your day. Seriously though, when does this ever happen?
I recently started working from home and have found that while I love the freedom, without the need to go outside to get to work I quickly become mentally drained, doubly so because there's no one around to talk to for a pick me up.
Bright and warm 6am starts, longer evenings and workouts in the park. Summer is the best time of the year to be active and get out of just using the gym. But then autumn creeps in, then winter comes. The days start getting shorter, darker and colder.