29/06/2017 10:37 BST

Parenting Hacks: Dad Uses Nappy To Stop Burrito Leaking And Twitter Has Called Him A 'Hero'

Could you eat your lunch like this?

A dad who used a nappy to stop the his burrito leaking is calling his idea a parenting “hack”, but we’re not quite sure.

Joe Fain, from the US, shared a photo of himself holding his lunch tucked into a (clean, we hope) nappy.

“My breakfast burrito is leaking and I don’t have any napkins in the car,” he tweeted on 23 June, using the hashtag #dadhacks.

The premise of stopping the leaking burrito works, but we can’t help but think eating out of something that usually contains your baby’s bowel movements isn’t that appetising.

However, people on Twitter weren’t in agreement with us, as Fain was dubbed a “hero” for his parenting hack.

Ruth Peterson seems to know where we’re coming from.

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