Dad Who Was Charged $40 (£32) To Hold Newborn Is Now Charging The Same Price For Baby Hugs

Epic comeback.

A dad who garnered Internet fame after sharing a photo of the bill he was charged to hold his newborn baby, has now shared his comeback.

Reddit user halfthrottle, from the US, shared a photo of an itemised hospital bill that showed his family was charged $39.95 for skin-to-skin contact after a caesarean.

At the time, The Huffington Post explained a representative from the family’s hospital said the charge included bringing an “additional caregiver” into the room.

But the dad was still pretty miffed.

The dad has now staged a hilarious comeback.

He shared a photo of his son wearing a babygrow with the words “hugs $39.35” on it, with the word “free” crossed out.

He said his friend, a graphic designer, had created the comical baby outfit and is now even selling them online for others to buy.

“I get that there are a lot of explanations, but I think the hospital knows it was wrong to charge for this,” the dad told The Telegraph.

“I have friends who work there and have been told they will never charge anyone for this again.

“All these internet points I’ve been showered with make me feel better about the $40. This could be my proudest moment as a father.”

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