Katherine Ryan's Dad Keeps Things Brutally Honest With Redacted Birthday Card

Hilarious 😂

Katherine Ryan’s dad is a firm fan of the proverb ‘honesty is the best policy’.

Every year, the Canadian comedian’s father crosses out the passages in her birthday card which he doesn’t believe apply to her.

On 4 July, Ryan tweeted photos of this year’s birthday card with the caption: “Like he’s done every year, my dad has crossed out the passages that he doesn’t feel apply to me in my birthday card.”

The card begins, “My daughter, what I love about you”, and is followed by passages about having “grace”, “wisdom” and an “unfailing commitment to doing the right thing” - all of which are crossed out. Ouch.

Her dad did, however, leave in the bit about Ryan being “original” and “willing to stand out from the crowd”.

Ryan’s tweet received over 20,000 likes, 4,000 shares and hundreds of comments from people who found the method hilarious. Some even vowed to do the same for their kids.

The comedian also revealed that in 2004, her dad was feeling particularly harsh so he crossed everything out on her birthday card except for the words “Happy Birthday”.

One thing’s for sure, a strong sense of humour definitely runs in the Ryan household.