katherine ryan

The comedian said women are “relegated” when it comes to this particular venture.
"It’s funny how people go straight to accusing, ‘You are the problem. You won’t give his name.’ We’re not the problem."
"Why is my consent totally unimportant when we are speaking a lot in the press right now speaking about the importance of consent?"
“We’ve been huge Gogglebox fans for years and we are thrilled to be taking part."
Channel 4's Late Night Lycett had a very on-brand mishap as it launched on Friday night.
The Canadian comic talks The Masked Singer, motherhood and her past run-ins with Paul Hollywood and Taylor Swift.
The comic poked fun at the Bake Off judge back in 2019 – but then came face-to-face with him when she was a contestant on a celebrity special of the show.
The Canadian comedian was the fifth celebrity to leave the competition after performing as Pigeon.
Pigeon was the latest Masked Singer character to be sent home after landing in the bottom two with Jacket Potato.
The Canadian comedian's childhood sweetheart shared a photo of their newborn on social media.