katherine ryan

“Mom has the reproductive organs of a finely-tuned sports car, and in a flash raced this baby over the line just in time for kickoff.”
The actor and comedian revealed she was expecting just two weeks ago.
Because we've all had reactions like this in real life, right?
The Duchess star and stand-up comedian entered a civil partnership last year, but prefers the company of her 11-year-old daughter at bedtime.
The trailer for the comedian's new series – which she wrote, exec produced and stars in – has debuted.
The British rapper made headlines for his behaviour towards host Katherine Ryan and an audience member during the ceremony.
There is no right way to react to unwanted sexual attention, writes Rachel Moss.
"To any woman or man who saw a reflection of situations they’ve been in in those videos, I am sorry," the British rapper tweeted.
The British rapper was also involved in an altercation with an audience member before leaving the ceremony.
The comedian praised her partner Bobby Kootstra from wrestling her laptop from robbers.