Dad Protests £60 Term-Time Holiday Fine By Paying It All In Pennies

'You're an absolute legend, mate.'

A dad who was hit with a fine for taking his son on holiday during term-time decided to protest it in a unique way.

Brent Catterson, from Telford, made life a little bit harder for school staff by getting £60 cash out of the bank... in one and two pence coins.

"There's a fine for taking my son out of school," Catterson said to the camera as he was being filmed going to hand the money over to the school.

"I'm going to pay this fine - £60 - in two and oners."

Brent Catterson paid the £60 in one and two pence pieces.
Brent Catterson paid the £60 in one and two pence pieces.

As the person filming began laughing, Catterson walked into the school, proclaimed he had a fine to pay and proceeded to empty the coins out on the reception desk.

"I'm paying the attendance support allowance fine," he told the receptionist.

"Thank you very much, thank you and see ya."

The video, uploaded to Catterson's Facebook page on 16 June, was viewed more than 2.2 million times in five days.

It was also shared nearly 12,000 times.

And many mums and dads commented on the post to say they could very much relate to Catterson.

"Good on you pal, you're a legend," one person commented.

Another wrote: "Oh my God that is fucking brilliant, well played, I feel like doing the same."

In 2013, the Government made it illegal for parents to take children out of state school without permission. Those who did were told they'd be issued with a £60 fine.

If that fine was not paid within 21 days, they were told it would rise to £120.

However, a recent High Court ruling meant a father did not have to pay a £120 fine for taking his daughter out of school for a trip to Florida, because she had still attended school “regularly”.

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