18/01/2017 13:00 GMT | Updated 18/01/2017 16:08 GMT

Daily Mail's Theresa May Front Page Could Not Be More Different To Die Welt's 'Little Britain'

'Leading Britain into isolation.'

The Daily Mail’s front page praising Theresa May is in stark contrast to German paper Die Welt.

The Mail splashed “STEEL OF THE NEW IRON LADY” and praised the “momentous day” when the prime minister pledged to quit the Single Market and walk away from the EU completely if it didn’t offer Britain a good deal.

Daily Mail
Wednesday's Daily Mail front page referred to Theresa May as the 'new Iron Lady'

The German press, which pushed for a Remain vote, appeared to be decidedly less impressed.

Die Welt, a conservative broadsheet, ran a picture of May with the words Little Britain beneath her and a headline saying she is “leading Britain into isolation”. 

Die Welt
The front page of German newspaper Die Welt

Die Welt led a chorus of disapproval in the European press. Italy’s daily La Repubblica wrote “London gets its wall” and Spain’s ABC said May was threatening “commercial war” with Europe.

Tweeters noted the contrast between the Mail’s drawing of May standing beneath the British flag and one of her being depicted as a character in a BBC comedy.

Brexit Secretary David Davis was confronted with Die Welt’s front page live on Sky News on Wednesday morning.

Davis said he thought May’s speech had “gone down incredibly well”.

He said it was “a course everyone could support”. “I think it’s been a very good start,” he said.