Daily Show Rips US Republicans Over 1 Thing They Didn't Mention At GOP Debate

Charlamagne tha God said it was "not surprising" that the US presidential candidates didn't talk about the topic on Wednesday.

The Daily Show guest host Charlamagne tha God slammed Republicans after Wednesday’s GOP primary debate offered zero discussion on mass shootings in America.

The radio host, on Thursday, pointed to high-profile mass shootings mass shootings that occurred prior to the debate including a killing spree that left three people dead at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas this week.

“But it’s also not surprising they didn’t talk about it because it’s the same thing after every shooting – Republicans want to talk about anything except guns,” said Charlamagne before flipping to a supercut of Republicans’ explanations for gun violence.

He then went after comments from West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (Republican), who claimed that pornography and “violent video games” are “getting in the minds of our children.”

“Did this dude really say that porn and video games turn kids into shooters? Those two things keep kids at home,” quipped Charlamagne before he jokingly called for a ban of schools to avoid school shootings.

The radio host then tossed to a mock game show – ”$1,000,000 Republican Pyramid” – where a contestant (played by correspondent Grace Kuhlenschmidt) had to get a Republican congressman (played by correspondent Michael Kosta) to mention guns.

You can check out more from The Daily Show in the video below.


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