Gun Violence

Charlamagne tha God said it was "not surprising" that the US presidential candidates didn't talk about the topic on Wednesday.
It can feel draining to hope for change when you feel like change isn’t happening. Here's how activists and organisers keep their spirits up.
Kentucky State Governor Andy Beshear was among those mourning a personal loss after the mass shooting in Louisville.
WSMV's Holly Thompson and Amanda Hara were overcome by the news coming out of the mass shooting at the Covenant School.
The actions are the Biden administration’s most visible response yet to rising concerns about crime.
The incident, which took place in a neighbourhood outside New Orleans, comes amid a particularly violent year for shootings.
At best, they're are embarrassingly entitled. At worst, they're sneaking weapons and terrifying colleagues.
The mob at the US Capitol also brought Molotov cocktails and a plan for violence.
Adam Zaborowski's attorney says he was "just not handling the pandemic well".