Our Planet Trailer: First Look At David Attenborough's New Netflix Show Has Landed

The show premieres on Friday 5 April.

Netflix has revealed the first trailer for Sir David Attenborough’s highly-anticipated new series, Our Planet.

The eight-part series will debut on the streaming service on Friday 5 April and, alongside the teaser, they’ve also shared some new details about the show – namely that Attenborough won’t be the only narrator.

David Attenborough
David Attenborough
ames Gillham / StillMoving.net for Netflix

As well as Attenborough’s English narration, Our Planet will feature 10 local narrators in other languages, including Spanish-language narrators Penélope Cruz for Spain and Salma Hayek for Latin America.

Penelope said: “Being a part of Netflix’s Our Planet is an incredible honour.

“The series is spectacularly beautiful and the message of conservation could not be more timely or important.

“I feel very close to everything Our Planet stands for and I’m proud to bring such a powerful piece of work to my home country and audiences around the world.”

Our Planet has been four years in the making, using more than 600 crew members around the world.

A Humpback whale is feeding near Cape Town in November
A Humpback whale is feeding near Cape Town in November

The first episode takes viewers on a journey from the Brazilian rainforest to Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, explaining how each habitat is connected and why the are all needed for life to thrive on this planet.

“All across our planet, crucial connections are being disrupted,” Attenborough explains. “What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future for all life on Earth.”

Netflix will also be releasing behind-the-scenes features, which will go live on the streaming platform’s website when the main episodes are released.

This is the second big reveal in two days from the streaming-giant-turned-Oscars contender, following the news that Bear Grylls will take centre stage in their next interactive project.

Watch the Our Planet trailer above.

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