Man Gets Huge Tattoo Of David Attenborough To Celebrate His 90th Birthday

The portrait inking took seven hours.

David Attenborough turned 90 on Saturday 8 May and one man pulled out all the stops to celebrate.

Matt Daly, from Jersey, got a giant tattoo of Attenborough's face on the side of his calf.

The inking, by artist Ash Lewis, was completed in one sitting and took almost seven hours. Now that's dedication.

"Sir David's been a complete inspiration all my life," Daly told BBC Newsbeat.

"Growing up, watching his documentaries has taught me and the rest of the world everything we know about all the species on earth. He's a truly amazing, wonderful man."

Daly isn't the only Attenborough fan to get a tattoo inspired by the nature-lover, check out our favourite portraits posted on Instagram below:

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