David Beckham Was Absolutely Not Here For Victoria's Claims About Her 'Working Class' Roots

"Be honest," he told his wife in the new Netflix documentary Beckham.
David and Victoria Beckham at his new documentary's premiere on Tuesday night
David and Victoria Beckham at his new documentary's premiere on Tuesday night
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

David Beckham couldn’t help but intervene when he heard wife Victoria discussing her “working class” roots while making his new documentary.

The long-awaited Netflix doc Beckham began streaming on Wednesday, featuring contributions from the man himself as well as his loved ones and former colleague.

One scene that’s already captured a lot of people’s attention on social media comes when Victoria points out similarities between her own upbringing and David’s.

After Victoria described her family as being “very working class” when she was a child, an off-screen David is heard encouraging her: “Be honest.”

“I am being honest,” the Spice Girls star insisted, but the former England striker – speaking from behind a door – remained unconvinced.

After much cajoling, David eventually got Victoria to admit that her dad drove her to school in the 80s in a Rolls Royce, before once again ducking out of the conversation.

The exchange has already proved to be a highlight of the documentary for many viewers…

Beckham spans the former Manchester United star’s entire life, from the early years of his football career to becoming an international household name – and the pitfalls that come with that.

However, one thing that’s not covered in the documentary is the 2022 backlash David faced when he signed an ambassador deal with Qatar during the World Cup, an editorial decision which director Fisher Stevens has now spoken out about.

All four episodes of Beckham are available to stream now on Netflix.


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