David Cameron Set For Crunch Ukraine Aid Meeting With Top US Republican

Foreign secretary reported to be holding talks with House Speaker Mike Johnson.
Omar Havana via Getty Images

David Cameron will use a visit to Washington DC to warn Republican politicians in the United States to stop blocking military assistance to Ukraine.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the foreign secretary will hold a meeting with Mike Johnson, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Joe Biden’s $95bn aid package, which included assistance for Ukraine, was easily passed by the US Senate in early February, with both Democratic and Republican support.

But it has yet to be put to a vote in the House amid infighting among Republicans over the bill.

Donald Trump and his allies in congress are opposed to the US giving more military aid to Kyiv.

In a joint article in the Daily Telegraph today, Cameron and French foreign minister Stéphane Séjourné said the West must not relax its support for Ukraine.

“We are both absolutely clear: Ukraine must win this war. If Ukraine loses, we all lose,” they said.

“The costs of failing to support Ukraine now will be far greater than the costs of repelling Putin.”

The pair added: “It is not for France and Britain alone to solve these challenges. But, together, we can rally others to join us in overcoming them.

But as discussed during the Paris Conference in February, we must do even more to ensure we defeat Russia. The world is watching – and will judge us if we fail.”

Last week at the Nato summit Cameron also used a video posted on X to directly address Johnson.

“Britain has put forward its money for Ukraine this year, so has the European Union. America needs to do it,” he said.

“Speaker Johnson can make it happen in Congress. I am going to go see him next week and say we need that money, Ukraine needs that money.”

When Cameron was last in Washington he drew comparisons to the appeasement of Hitler when urging Congress to approve the multi-billion dollar funding package.

But the former prime minister’s lobbying drew a fierce response from Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial Trump supporting member of the House, who told him to “kiss my ass”.


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