‘The Nightly Show’: Davina McCall’s X-Rated Tom Hardy Joke Delights The Audience


Davina McCall had the tough task of taking over on ‘The Nightly Show’ on Monday (13 March) night, and while the whole show received mixed reviews, there was one joke that tickled the audience.

In her opening monologue, the former ‘Big Brother’ host was discussing the fact Tom Hardy will be reading his next CBeebies bedtime story on Mother’s Day, so naturally, she turned her attention to why mums may decide to enjoy the clip alone.

We're saying nothing
We're saying nothing

After showing a picture of Tom - y’know, just in case we all forgot what he looks like - Davina told the studio audience: “I mean, hello! Like most CBeebies shows, the programme will try and teach kids something: specifically that mummy likes to watch this alone with her bedroom door locked.

“Last time his appearance caused quite a buzz - and guys, if you’re not sure what I mean by that, check your wife’s bedside drawer.”

Just in case you didn’t get the joke, Davina then made bunny ears behind her head.

‘The Nightly Show’ has hit headlines a number of times since it launched last month, thanks to fluctuating ratings and mixed reviews from critics.

Davina is the third host of the show, and it’s fair to say that many viewers still can’t agree on whether the programme is a winner or not:

Ahead of her stint in the hot seat, the presenter decided to quit Twitter, and will be back - and presumably have a sneak peek at what’s been said in her absence - once her time as host is over.

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