Dbleudazzled's Crystal-Studded Fishnet Tights Are All You Need This New Year's Eve

Party for one?

You’ve probably spotted her glittering, provocative creations on social media, but there’s a whole lot more to Destiney Bleu - the woman behind Dbleudazzled.

A sultry Instagram snap by mega-star Kylie Jenner, in early December, saw the brand’s followers sky rocket.

But LA-based professional dancer-turned-designer Bleu first began building her crystal-studded empire from her bedroom five years ago - staying up at night, hand-dazzling and modelling Dbleudazzled’s signature fishnet tights.

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK, Bleu reveals the five things you need to know about the brand - including how London fans can shop the range IRL in the new year (big deal, huge!).

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1. Kylie Jenner isn’t the only celebrity fan.

Stars like Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea, Meghan Trainor, Shania Twain, and - the biggest queen of them all - Beyoncé have all worn Bleu’s tights on stage.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Beyoncé’s team for a few years, creating looks for the VMAs, Super Bowl, Made In America and Lemonade,” Bleu said.

“My Bey-dazzled dreams came to life this spring when we created custom embellished, fishnet catsuits for her and 18 dancers for the Formation World Tour.”

2. Each pair of tights takes hours to make.

Dbleudazzled offers basic fishnets and ‘industrial’ versions for performers, made with stretchier fabric and crystals further up the hips, with prices starting from $100 (£82).

Both styles are hand made and take Bleu many hours to create (luckily she has a team of four “dazzle gals” to help).

“I’m an OCD Virgo so my quality control team literally inspects each pair, stretching them, looking at them from every angle, making sure the crystals are evenly distributed,” she said.

“It takes some serious eye training and a delicate hand to create them.”

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3. There are different shades to suit each skin tone.

Dbleudazzled specialise in skin tone matching, and offers fishnets and catsuits in five custom shades.

“Growing up, I was limited on tights options,” Bleu said, revealing she used to have to dye her dance fishnets with coffee so they would match her skin better.

“Outside the shine factor, my focus is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their ‘nude’.

“I pay attention to every detail, it throws my eye off when a woman, especially of colour, is put in nude undergarments or hosiery that doesn’t blend to her - the point of nude clothing is to appear naked.”

4. The designs are actually inspired by nature.

Dbleudazzled’s black items are designed to look like the midnight sky, and many of the product names have a celestial theme (Bleu is “borderline obsessed with the stars”.)

“The beach in Malibu was what helped me to decide I wanted to live in LA - the cotton candy sky and sparkling water always hypnotised me - and that’s what I want my designs to do,” she said.

“I want people to be so in awe when they see my work, they can’t look away. Imagine how that feels to be wearing that, I want everyone to FEEL like a superstar when they see themselves in my dazzle!”

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5. The brand is becoming a staple at London Fashion Week.

Dbleudazzled teamed up with British designer Clio Peppiatt in September for her SS17 presentation, and have collaborated again for AW17.

Londoners will be able to shop the range during LFW in February at an afternoon tea party-come-pop up shop (details to be announced soon), which will also stock Bleu’s upcoming collaboration with UK lingerie brand Nubian Skin.

“Their products have also been featured on The Formation Tour underneath Dbleudazzled pieces, so we knew it was a perfect match,” Bleu said, adding that she is always keen to work with other “Girl Boss” companies.

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