10/01/2017 12:39 GMT

‘Dear Women Project’ Allows You To Celebrate The Awesome Women In Your Life With Handwritten Letters

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Like many women around the world, Emily Asher felt crushed by Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the US election. 

So the Chicago-based designer created the Dear Women Project, to draw strength from all the amazing women in her life and celebrate womankind.

The idea of the project is for women to write 10 letters to women who have inspired them.

Asher has created a series of notecards featuring portraits of strong women from the past and present, which can be used to send the letters, with 25% of profits going to organisations promoting women’s causes.

On her website, Asher explained that she got the idea for the project soon after the US election results were announced.

“I, like so many other women, found great comfort in all the strong women in my life,” she wrote.

“I remembered what a friend had so eloquently said the day after the election: ‘The first female president - whenever she may be elected - will stand on the shoulders of great women like Hillary Rodham Clinton.’

“I started thinking about all the great women who had come before her and all those in my own life whose words and faces had given me comfort and strength.”

She said she felt the “power of their accomplishments and their words” lifting her up.

“It was a feeling I wanted to bottle up and send to all the women in my life,” she said.

A six-month subscription to the Dear Women Project, which gives you two folded cards and white envelopes per month, costs $55.00 (£45). 

A quarter of the profits from each purchase will go to nonprofit organisations supporting women’s rights and causes.

So far money made from the Hilary Clinton designs has gone to She Should Run, a non-partisan charity that promotes women in government.

Meanwhile profits from the Emily Dickinson designs was donated to Girls Write Now, a charity empowering secondary school girls through writing and mentoring. 

Unfortunately, the notecards are only currently available to order in the US, but the idea has certainly inspired us to reach out to all the wonderful women in our lives.

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