Decapitated Deer Among Pile Of Dead Animals Found After 'Killing Spree'

The "horror film" discovery was made by the RSPCA on New Year's Day.

A decapitated deer was among a pile of murdered animals found at a Welsh beauty spot following a suspected “killing spree”.

Two Canada Geese, two mallard ducks and a bird of prey were also found in scenes akin to a “horror film”, RSPCA Cymru welfare officer Sian Burton said.

The site, discovered in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, on New Year’s Day, also hid a rib cage and another deer’s skin.

The animal protection charity has launched an investigation and believe the pile, located near the A48, was dumped from a vehicle.

“This site at Hayesgate was like a horror film – with a pile of dead wild animal bodies, and body parts, strewn across the floor,” Burton said.

“It seems very likely that someone has gone on a killing spree – and taken the lives of these animals for so-called sport or entertainment, and dumped them here.”

She added: “We’re urgently appealing to the local community for information. This is a rural location and we’re hoping somebody witnessed something or can shed any further information on what happened to these poor animals.”

The discovery comes as it emerged gangs of young men were breeding a new type of powerful hunting dog to kill and maim countryside wildlife.

The RSPCA told HuffPost UK last month that a new trend of “psycho poaching” saw perpetrators sharing the gruesome footage of animals being ripped to pieces to sadistic ends.

Joseph Whittam, from Lancashire, was jailed for 22 weeks last month after the RSPCA obtained videos of him setting his dogs on a pet cat and a fox.

Anyone with information can contact the charity’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018.


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