This Menu Solves All The Problems Of Eating At Restaurants With Children

Chips for everyone.

On the rare occasion that you fancy treating yourself to the torture of dining in public with your kids, you really have to rack your brains to find somewhere child friendly.

An establishment that combines the holy trinity of ball pit, carbohydrate-based-meals and wine – something for everyone.

Now a deli in America has created the ultimate menu for moody children and we just wish we had one near our house.

Reddit user nabced took a picture of the menu which lists each item as a response to a parent’s favourite question: “What do you want for dinner?”

And because children rarely give a satisfactory answer, this menu solves that problem.

We’ve got the “I don’t know” (hot dog and chips) or the “I don’t care” (breaded chicken and chips), or even the “I’m not hungry” (cheese toasty and chips).

And just in case they go for the ultimate comeback, “I don’t want that”, they’ve got you covered with fish fingers and chips.