25/09/2017 14:51 BST | Updated 25/09/2017 15:56 BST

'You're Fired!' Watch As Dennis Skinner Lays Into Journalist

The veteran MP branded the reporter "vain", "conceited" and "like Trump"

Left-wing firebrand Dennis Skinner launched a passionate attack on the media today as he blasted vain and conceited journalists.

Fresh from a well-received speech to delegates at Labour’s conference in Brighton, HuffPost UK caught up with the Bolsover MP as he walked round the exhibition hall.

Skinner – known for his fiery rants at Tory MPs – did not hold back as he was quizzed on Labour’s plan to end PFI contracts if it wins power at the next election.

The 85-year-old had used his speech to urge Labour members to tell journalists the party would ape the private sector and borrow money to fund its spending pledges.

However, when HuffPost UK spoke to him, Skinner went much further:

 “You think you’re asking awkward questions so why don’t you understand that you are part of society? Is it a good idea to get rid of zero-hour contracts in case you might get one?

“It’s time that you understood that you’re not somebody outside the perimeter - you’re involved. Your are somebody that could be affected by all the proposals that you’ve heard today from Dave [Ward, General Secretary of the Communication Workers’ Union] and other people. But some how or other you people connected to the television media think you’re above it all. You’re not!

“You’re more and more like Trump! You’re vain, conceited, you believe that nobody should argue with you. 

“When you say it’s not your business, that’s what you’re saying.

“You’re fired!”