dennis skinner

The general election has seen acrimonious campaigns where lies, subterfuge and misinformation have been the main tools of the parties as they fought for votes to deliver their version of Brexit and tackle the rising poverty and strain on services seen across the country.
The 'Beast Of Bolsover' had represented the Derbyshire constituency since 1970.
Veteran politician branded a “thug” who was “romanticised” by Labour campaigners.
Beast of Bolsover says President's trip will cause 'mayhem' as MPs revolt over cost to police visit.
He said the rest of the party must 'fit in' with Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour stalwart Dennis Skinner has backed Richard Leonard as the party’s next Scottish leader. The Bolsover MP said the rest
The veteran MP branded the reporter "vain", "conceited" and "like Trump"