Derry Girls Series 2: All the Lingo You Need To Know From 'Boke' To 'Slabber'

We wanna be in their gang, their gang, their gang.

Let’s just get this out of the way. Derry Girls is the funniest thing on TV.

It’s rare that a such universally loved show comes along, but Channel 4’s comedy is just that, and it’s back for a second series after millions of us were immediately hooked after the first series aired last year.

If you still haven’t seen it (seriously?), the show centres around a group of five (reckless) Derry/Londonderry school friends and is set against the spectre of The Troubles.

Channel 4

Despite the dark backdrop of armed police and bombings hanging over the Northern Irish city, Derry Girls is warm, honest, nostalgic and properly laugh-out-loud funny.

We really want to be in Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle and James’s gang, but that’s never going to happen unless we learn their lingo.

Luckily, we have a cracker of a glossary for that. Just don’t become a dose.

Bars: Gossip / scandal

Boke: Vomit

Brit: A member of the British armed forces

Broke: Embarrassed

Broke to the bone: Hugely embarrassed

Buncrana: A popular holiday destination

Buzzing: Very happy

Catch yourself on: “Don’t be so ridiculous”

Cack attack: A state of extreme nervousness “I’m having a complete Cack attack”

Chicken ball special: A local delicacy

Class: Brilliant

Craic: Fun, but also news e.g. “Tell us your craic?”

Cracker: Beyond brilliant

Critter: Someone who evokes sympathy e.g. “You poor Critter”

Dose: An unbearable human being

Dicko: A general insult

Eejit: Idiot

Hi: A sound placed at the end of almost any sentence for no particularly reason e.g. “No problem hi”

Gone: Please

Head melter: Someone who causes you mental distress

Lurred: Absolutely delighted

Mind: “Do you remember?”

Mouth: Someone prone to exaggeration

Mucker: Friend

No Bother: “That’s no trouble whatsoever”

Raging: Annoyed/angry

Ride (n): A very attractive person

Ride (v): To have sex

Ripping: Extremely annoyed / angry

Saunter: “Be on your way”

Shite the tights: Someone of a nervous disposition

Slabber: A show off

So it is/so I am: A phrase used for emphasis e.g. “I’m delighted, so I am”

Start: To provoke e.g. “Don’t start me”

Stall the ball: “Stop what you’re doing immediately”

Tayto cheese and onion sandwich: A local delicacy

Wain: A child or young person

Watch yourself: Take care

Wile: Very or Terrible

Wise up: “Don’t be so stupid and/or immature”

Yes: Hello

(Channel 4

Derry Girls returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday 5 March at 9.15pm.


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