01/10/2018 21:08 BST

Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright Disappoints Tory Conference Crowds - By Actually Turning Up For His Speech

There was a tiny turnout for Jeremy Wright's hologram-free talk.

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images
Jeremy Wright failed to pull in a big crowd at Tory Party conference 

The newly-minted digital secretary Jeremy Wright had been expected to wow crowds at the Tory Party conference by appearing for his big speech via hologram.

But the appearance of the real-life Cabinet minister in the conference hall on Monday - rather than his rumoured Tupac-style hologram - was seemingly a disappointment for Conservative delegates, with a toe-curlingly small number of people turning out to hear Wright speak.

The situation wasn’t helped by Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson, who rubbed salt in the wound by tweeting: “I got a bigger audience for my conference speech than Jeremy Wright - and I didn’t even do a conference speech.”

Delegates who did turn out to hear Matt Hancock’s replacement speak were also pretty quick to point out the number of empty seats.  

Here’s hoping former Attorney General Wright - who has around 2,000 followers on Twitter - has enough time to settle into the role of media secretary before next year’s conference...