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Study based on YouGov MRP poll suggests just 21,215 voters can decide election if they vote tactically to deny the Tories in 30 seats they are currently expected to win.
The Tory and Labour leaders went head-to-head for a final time before December 12, with a snap poll giving the PM a 52-48 victory.
The aim is pitch to Labour Leavers, but the Tories’ own plans set no ‘arbitrary’ cap
His wife Natalie will run in his place, Conservative association confirms.
Nick Conrad’s selection is just one example of how tackling violence against women is not a priority for the Tories, activist Lucy Hall writes.
Cabinet minister appears to pitch to Brexit Party voters, after No.10 rule out extension to transition period at end of 2020.
The Tories have been in power for nine years. The electorate must see their election plans for exactly what they are: momentary damage limitation, author Maya Goodfellow writes.
ERG boss tells HuffPost UK the Tories will not agree to Farage's demand that they back a no-deal Brexit.
Forget Halloween, there's a new date causing a flurry of excitement among the PM’s allies – 5 November.
MP announces resignation from Conservative Party on Twitter to become the latest high profile departure during Boris Johnson's tenure