19/05/2017 17:39 BST

15 Of The Greatest Diss Tracks: From Gwen Stefani To David Bowie

There have been more than a few good ones.

Ah, the diss track. It’s not uncommon for artists to use music to slam at their frenemies, exes or rivals, but writing a brilliant one isn’t easy.

And while the art form is primarily associated with hip-hop culture, that hasn’t stopped a number of indie rockers and popstars from penning them, with everyone from Taylor Swift to John Lennon getting involved.

Following rumours that one of Katy Perry’s newest tunes ‘Swish, Swish’ is actually about her former pal Taylor, we’re taking a trip down a musical memory lane, charting some of the best diss tracks of modern music history.

Check out 15 of our favourites below…

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