Should You Be Storing Your Fizz In The Fridge? Probably Not, Say Experts

Crucial information for the bank holiday weekend 🍾

If you store your bottles of bubbly in the fridge for long periods of time, you’re doing it ALL wrong.

Experts from Champagne brand Lanson told the Daily Mail your champers should be stored in a cool, dry place like a wine cellar (lol, who has those?) or the bottom of a wardrobe (that’s better).

If you’re anything like us, you might not be too fussed about the protocol of storing Champagne but you WILL care about the stash of affordable Prosecco and Cava that you’ve accrued ready for the weekend. So should we be keeping it in the fridge?

Take that bottle out of the fridge - unless you plan on glugging it this weekend.
Getty / HuffPost UK
Take that bottle out of the fridge - unless you plan on glugging it this weekend.

Janet Harrison, from Cracking Wines, tells HuffPost UK most experts would advise against storing wine or fizz in the fridge for too long “as it is too cold and too drying”.

“But if you buy it and intend to drink it within a few days, it is perfectly fine to do that,” she says. “If you’re unsure, just store it in the fridge on its side.”

Once opened, fizz should keep for one to three days providing you’ve got a good stopper. And no, sticking a teaspoon in the top won’t help keep it fizzy.

If you’ve got a bottle of Champagne and you’re saving it for a special occasion, it’s best to store it horizontally - so the cork doesn’t dry out and shrink - in a cool, dark place.

Interestingly Harrison says most sparkling wines, excluding vintage Champagne, should be consumed within a year or 18 months of bottling. “They aren’t really meant to be aged,” she says. “If it is a basic Prosecco, Champagne, Cava or Cremant, then it certainly won’t benefit from any period of ageing.”

With the bank holiday looming, it would appear it’s time for a good old fridge clear out. Bottom’s up.