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'Doctor Foster' Series 2 Episode 1 Review: 12 Burning Questions We Have After The Return Of Suranne Jones's Hit BBC Drama

'Broadchurch' series two this is not.

Anyone doubting the BBC’s decision to bring back ‘Doctor Foster’ for a second run was silenced as it made its return on Tuesday (5 September) night. 

While there were fears the story was neatly sewn up at the end of series one and there was nothing left two explore, ‘Broadchurch’ series two this is not.


Within its first few minutes, the episode had already set up a whole new set of mysteries that are set to unfold in the coming weeks, as Gemma and Simon Foster - played brilliantly as ever by Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel - continue to deal with the collapse of their marriage, following his infidelity with Kate Parks (Jodie Comer).

The story picked up two years on from where we last saw the characters, with Simon and Kate moving back to Parminster, having spent the last two years living in London.

Now married to Kate with a toddler in tow, it soon becomes apparent there is more to Simon’s decision to come home than just to be near family and old friends - he’s back for his son Tom, and plans to drive his ex-wife out of town. 

Here are 12 burning questions we have about the events that unfolded in episode one...  

1. Why did Simon and Kate really go away?

Not for a minute are we buying Simon’s excuse that he and Kate moved to London to give Gemma some space.  

2. What has Simon been doing to afford such a swanky place?

By Simon’s own admission, his divorce from Gemma nearly “bankrupted” him, so what has he been doing while he has been in London to earn so much dollar?

He was very suspicious when Gemma pressed him on this, simply answering there had been a “change of circumstance”. There’s a whole lot more to this, we reckon. 


3. Has Tom been watching too much ‘Love Island’?

We half expected him to shout “I’ve got a text!” when his phone went off during the episode with the same ringtone as the inhabitants of ITV2′s reality show have on their phones.

4. How has Simon still got so many friends to invite to his party?

He has been living away from Parminster for two years, and the last time many people saw him, he’d been charged with abusing Gemma in their violent showdown during the series one finale, so why were there so many guests at the party? 

And if we were Gemma, we’d be ditching that no-good best mate Ros, who clearly has never heard of a thing called loyalty. 

5. Why is Gemma’s new colleague Sian such a cow?

We have a feeling she is not going to make Gemma’s life any easier over the next few weeks.


6. Why did Gemma really go to the party?

Sure she was curious, but was there more to her decision to abandon her date with James and crash Simon and Kate’s big night?

7. Why did James go along with Gemma’s plan to crash their party?

Seriously, he was on that date for all of about five minutes when he agreed to be Gemma’s plus one to a random party where he wouldn’t have known a single person. Like, who does that? Unless there is more to this school teacher...


8. What was Gemma’s wedding gift to Simon and Kate?

We thought it was odd Gemma had given a gift for Tom to take to the party with him, but it made a lot more sense when it emerged it may not be the nicest present.

She was pretty insistent Kate did not show Simon, and for some reason this didn’t prompt Kate to open it immediately to find out what it was. Christmas must be really fun around her’s. 

9. What happened to Tom in the garden and made him so keen to leave?

While at the party, Tom went missing for a long period of time, causing worry from Gemma, who went searching for him in Simon’s (ridiculously large and really quite scary) back garden. 

When she found him, something seemed to have upset him and wanted to get out of there asap. Had he discovered something sinister? Or had he learned something he didn’t want to hear? Or is there a simpler explanation?

10. What has Simon told Tom to turn him against his mum?

Given at the start of the episode Tom didn’t even want to attend his dad’s party, there was a massive U-turn by the end of the episode, where he’d chosen to go and live with him and Kate permanently. 

We know Simon has come back for Tom and is intent on driving Gemma out of Parminster, but what exactly has Simon said to Tom to poison him against his mum?


11. Why did Gemma dissolve her wedding ring?

Like, we know it’s supposed to be symbolic and that, but why specifically did she decided to burn it in acid - why not just throw it out? 

This only leads us to believe Gemma’s actions are about to get a lot more erratic, as the latest war between her and Simon steps up about five gears. 

12. What happens to Gemma’s patients when she ups and leaves work all the time?!

We all know to expect a wait when we go and see a GP, but she is seriously taking she piss. 

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‘Doctor Foster’ continues next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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