Doctor Foster

Victoria Hamilton is reprising her role as Anna/Belle from the Suranne Jones-fronted series in this new spin-off.
We never dreamed we'd be writing the phrase ‘the Bafta-nominated Jane McDonald’.
This week's 'Into It' kicks off with a look back at the final dramatic episode of 'Doctor Foster', with the team looking ahead and deciding whether it left us hanging on for a third series, or ready to leave Parminster in the past. As Kendrick Lamar's tour sells out, they're also discussing whether our favourite stars are charging too much for us to see them in concert, and reflecting on the reality TV stars who were given the boot too early, following Chizzy Akudolu's emotional farewell to 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
Read more on The Huffington Post While others were left decidedly unimpressed, labeling the finalé “ludicrous”, “codswallop
**WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS** As the dust settles on the gripping finale to series 2 of ‘Doctor Foster’, the show’s writer
OK, before we go any further, this entire page is positively littered with spoilers for the last episode of ‘Doctor Foster
Suranne Jones's portrayal of the GP hellbent on settling the score is undoubtedly polished and entertaining, but I can't help feeling that the storylines are reinforcing a negative and tired stereotype of 'a woman scorned'.
‘Doctor Foster’ creator and writer Mike Bartlett has given his biggest hint yet that Tuesday’s (3 October) series finale
Cast your minds back to October 2015, when the first series of ‘Doctor Foster’ wrapped up on BBC One. As you may recall, the
After four weeks of bombshells and shock twists, as well as raised eyebrows and scratched heads among viewers at home, this
After three tense episodes, ‘Doctor Foster’ has finally served up some big answers - although that isn’t to say it didn’t