03/10/2017 10:49 BST

'Doctor Foster' Spoilers: Series 2 To Conclude With Another Dramatic Dinner Party

Spoiler alert!

Cast your minds back to October 2015, when the first series of ‘Doctor Foster’ wrapped up on BBC One.

As you may recall, the hit show’s series finale concluded with one of the most uncomfortable dinner party scenes in British TV history, during which time Suranne Jones’ character dropped a number of bombshells, most notably her husband’s shady business deals and the fact he’d been having an affair.

She then strolled off with nothing more than hairflip, giving us one of the year’s most iconic TV moments.

Well, fans of the BBC drama are in luck, because it looks like this year’s series will conclude in a similar way, with yet another dinner party.

A new preview picture shows Gemma at a table with her son, Tom, new boyfriend James, colleague Ros and… well, some man who is probably Ros’s new husband, but we’re guessing that’ll all become clear a bit later down the line.

We can't wait for this

Noticeably absent is Gemma’s ex-husband Simon, which is probably because she looked to have run him over in last week’s episode, and judging from the looks on everyone’s faces, there’s something pretty dramatic about to unfold.

‘Doctor Foster’ fans don’t have long to wait until the series’ thrilling conclusion, which airs tonight (3 October) at 9pm on BBC One, and we’ve got some questions before it all kicks off.

The show’s leading star Suranne Jones recently teased that a third series could be in the works, though its creator Mike Bartlett has since clarified that he’s under “no pressure” from the BBC to put pen to paper.

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