26/09/2017 22:01 BST | Updated 27/09/2017 12:27 BST

'Doctor Foster' Series 2 Episode 4 Review: Suranne Jones Drama Serves Up Two Big Answers And 12 More Burning Questions

We can't wait seven whole days until next week's finale.

After three tense episodes, ‘Doctor Foster’ has finally served up some big answers - although that isn’t to say it didn’t generate a whole load more questions.  

Tuesday’s (26 September) episode saw viewers finally discover that the gift Gemma gave Kate in episode one was a copy of Simon’s speech at their wedding, which later proved to be a critical piece of evidence in her plan to turn Kate against him. 

There was also the revelation that Simon actually has no money at all. Despite swaggering back into Parminster like the cat that got the cream at the start of the series, it emerged Kate’s parents owned the house, while his business was owned by Kate’s godfather, Mark.


Having now lost this all thanks to Gemma’s revenge plan succeeding, this has now left him in a very desperate state, with Gemma even admitting she is worried about what he could do next - although the end of the episode proved that he may not be able to do anything. 

Now speeding towards next week’s finale (yep, we can’t believe it’s nearly over either), here are 11 more burning questions we’re going to need answers to... 

How did Gemma manage to persuade Sian to get in on her scheme to manipulate Kate?

Last time we checked, Gemma and Sian were still on dodgy ground, yet somehow Gemma’s colleague was more than willing to help her in her plan to get Kate over to her house, by showing her the estate agent’s details? Has more happened between them off-screen that we don’t know about? Or perhaps she could be a double agent for Simon, as we know the pair were close pals at university. 

Why is Gemma’s handwriting so terrible?

Seriously, this woman is a doctor. 

What did Gemma and Kate discuss in the car journey between the hotel and the house?

After Kate arrived at the hotel for the second time, following Simon’s admission he did sleep with his ex-wife, Gemma drove Kate back to her abandoned house to make a series of revelations that would change Kate’s life forever. But what we want to know is what they are supposed to have discussed in the journey between those two places. We’re guessing it wasn’t about the weather or where they were off on their holidays. 


Why did Simon want to turn Kate into Gemma? 

Gemma has now proven Simon’s obsession with her to Kate, but why would he want to turn his wife into someone he apparently hates? Unless...

Was it Simon’s long-term plan to get back with Gemma?

As Kate threw Simon out of the house, she told him that “all he had to do was love her for two years”, referring to the time they were away from Parminster. Is Simon’s hatred of Gemma just a cover for his undying love for her? It seems unlikely to us, so perhaps Kate just misunderstood his obsession with Gemma. 

How the hell did Kate pack up her house up so quickly?

In what was seemingly just a morning, Kate and her family somehow managed to strip her and Simon’s entire house bare, despite it being crammed full of fancy stuff. If only moving house was really this easy. 

What on earth did Simon tell Tom about his mum?

We’ve been asking this for weeks now, but this question has become more and more important as the series has gone on.

While Tom knows and told his mum it “no longer matters”, Simon clearly believes it is still his trump card. Is it a dark secret in Gemma’s past, or is it something he has made up? Either way, we NEED to know. 


Did Simon do more than just look at Gemma’s emails when he took her phone?

Our first thought was that he may have messaged Tom...

Is Tom actually on Team Simon?

Perhaps a wild theory, given Simon threw his son out of the house - but don’t forget Gemma was present to witness it all. Was that showdown staged for Gemma’s benefit to lure her into believing Tom hates his dad again? And this theory would certainly explain why Tom has suddenly chosen to ignore what Simon told him about Gemma.

How exactly did Simon think he was going to get to the hotel before Gemma?

After finding out where Gemma and Tom were staying, Simon told Gemma he was off to get their son from the hotel. But having just had his car taken off him, how the heck did he think he was going to beat Gemma and her car to it? A flawed plan if you ask us. 

Has Gemma killed Simon?

The episode ended with Gemma hurtling her speeding car in Simon’s direction - has she made Simon’s vow that the only way he would ever leave Parminster would be in a coffin, come true?

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