‘Doctor Who’: Karen Gillan Reveals Her Pick For A Female Time Lord

She's got some ideas on which actress it could be.

Karen Gillan has become the latest star to call for a female Time Lord in ‘Doctor Who’, and even has some suggestions for who would be a good pick.

In the weeks since Peter Capaldi announced that the current series of ‘Doctor Who’ will be his last, there’s been plenty of talk about whether the TARDIS could finally be looked after by a female Doctor and Karen has now revealed that she’s all for it.

Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan
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When asked about who the next Doctor should be, she told Digital Spy: “I’m open to a woman, that would be cool.”

Revealing who she’d like to see cast, Karen added: “What about Helen Mirren? Someone with gravitas?

Matt and Karen were in 'Doctor Who' together
Matt and Karen were in 'Doctor Who' together
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A number of other former ’Doctor Who’ stars have previously revealed similar sentiments, including David Tennant, who has backed his ‘Broadchurch’ co-star Olivia Colman for the role.

Despite this, recent reports have claimed another man could be in line for the job.

“A lot of younger fans have been lost in the last few years, especially young females and the gay male audience,” an insider was quoted as telling the Mirror earlier this month. “The revenue from merchandising has nose-dived and they want to rectify this by casting someone in the mould of David Tennant.”

Karen played Amelia Pond opposite Matt Smith’s Doctor for two seasons, and is currently busy promoting ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’, which she stars in alongside Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana.

Helen Mirren

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