Dog Pitch Invader Interrupts Copa De Libertadores Match In Brazil

This is one VERY excited pup.

As if a continent-wide football competition wasn't quite exciting enough, Tuesday's Copa Libertadores match at the Pueblo Nuevo stadium in San Cristobal was halted by the most adorable pitch invasion we've ever seen.

Seven minutes in, play was paused because an excited dog had run onto the field and was begging members of both teams to play with him.

Mexico's Pumas and Venezuela's Deportivo Tachira were hoping to progress in the round of 16 first-leg tie but had to stop play so the dog could be apprehended and removed from the pitch.

Pumas defender Gerardo Alcoba managed to pick the canine up and help him to the sidelines so he could calm down.

As angry as players and fans might be with the stoppage, it was certainly a cute moment.

Tachira walked away the victors after a second-half goal put them in the lead.

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